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Anhangabaú Valley

In the first plan, 2 large gardens separated by a promenade. They consist of lawns, flower beds, shrubs, large and medium-sized trees, as well as a set of towering royal palm trees lined up side by side. In the background, some very tall commercial buildings. Everything under a strong sun and a very blue sky without clouds.

Anhangabaú. Foto: José Cordeiro/SPTuris.

Located in downtown, between the viaducts Chá and Santa Ifigenia, it is one of the postcards of the city. The Anhangabaú name is indigenous and means in Tupi, river or water from the evil spirit. The most likely story is that it was so named because of any harm done by the pioneers to the Indians in the vicinity of the river, which now goes under the asphalt in the valley.

Gardens, sculptures and three fountains make up the charming picture of the site. The center is a place of great upheaval and as high as the city. Due to its length, many cultural events take place in the valley.


Anhangabaú Valley
Address: Vale do Anhangabaú – Downtown – São Paulo (near Anhangabaú and São Bento Metro Stations).

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