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São Pedro Theater

Foto: Ricardo Kleine

The São Pedro Theatre was opened in 1917 at the corner of the streets Albuquerque Lins and Barra Funda. The debut program was opened with two films and also featured lyrical performances, Caipira conferences, monologues, sayings and Portuguese fado.

The building that houses the theater was built in neoclassical style. Currently, the house offers 636 places, distributed between two desks, seating 110 and 124 people and the audience, which has 396 places and six reserved for disabled people.

Foto: Divulgação


São Pedro Theater

Address: Rua Barra Funda, 171
Phone: (11) 3661-6600
Tickets: at the counter of the theater or by Ingresso Rápido or Compre Ingressos

Accessible tourist attraction: click here and check out the accessibility features available.

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