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Solar da Marquesa de Santos

The Solar da Marquesa is a great relic of the eighteenth century example of urban architecture of the time. Dona Maria Domitila de Castro e Melo, the Marquesa de Santos, went down in history as Emperor lover Dom Pedro I and the history of São Paulo, in 1834, to buy this great aristocratic townhouse in the heart of the city.

Top facade of a mansion, all in light pink. There are 5 large windows with white frames in high relief. The upper part is curved and, above them, decorative triangular-shaped architectural elements, also in white. Between two windows stands an old luminaire in the shape of a lamp, attached to the wall by a long arm of iron all worked, all in the color of red wine. To the left, in front of the first window, part of the grid of a small balcony, all in iron color of red wine meticulously worked.

Solar da Marquesa. Foto: Jefferson Pancieri/ SPTuris.

By visiting the Solar, one can find housewares, of the furniture and even the bathtub used Gurney. After his death in 1867, the site was modified and gained a more neoclassical balcony, which characterizes it today.


Solar da Marquesa

Address: Rua Roberto Simonsen, 136 – Downtown – São Paulo (near Sé Metro Station).
Phone: (11) 3105-6118.

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