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Santa Ifigênia Street

Foto: Alexandre Diniz

Located downtown, Rua Santa Ifigenia is one of the most famous of the city because it is the main trade center of electronic products of.

In between Santa Ifigenia Viaduct and Duque de Caxias Street, there are hundreds of shops and small galleries that sell various kinds of electronic products such as: computers, video games, sound equipment and lights and musical instruments.

Aerial view. In the center, a viaduct with structure and bars of yellowish steel. The circulation was transformed into a large boardwalk with floor decorated by multicolored geometric shapes, where several people pass. Below is a street with several pedestrians and some vehicles. To the bottom and to the right, part of some commercial buildings. To the left, top of some trees.

Viaduto Santa Ifigênia. Foto: Jose Cordeiro/SPTuris.


Santa Ifigênia Street
Address: Rua Santa Ifigênia – República – Downtown – São Paulo.

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