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Vilaboim Square

Sunny afternoon. To the left, square with bushes and large trees. In the center, street full of cars, seen from behind. To the right, multicolored facades of various shops. In the background and above, large residential buildings.

Praça VilaBoim. Foto: Caio Pimenta/SPTuris.

Square Vilaboim housed a soccer field in the early twentieth century and began to be urbanized in the early ’30s, including the planting of fig tree which there is today. Inaugurated in 1937, continues to receive a large influx of people.

The importance of the square is such that, in July 2007, it was listed by Conpresp ( Municipal Council for the Preservation of Historical Heritage of São Paulo ) to protect and preserve local characteristics and their trees and crops. Currently, the plaza has several commercial establishments, especially bars and restaurants.


Vilaboim Square
Address: Praça Vilaboim, s/nº – Higienópólis – Downtown – São Paulo.

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