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Aerial view. To the left, part of a very large square with concrete floors and several niches of green area of varied sizes, composed of trees of various sizes, scattered all over the place. In the center is a large cathedral with two tall towers at the front and a large dome-shaped roof behind it. To the bottom and to the right, hundreds of commercial buildings.

Praça da Sé. Foto: Jose Cordeiro/SPTuris.

Located in São Paulo, the Cathedral Square is the geographical center of the city. On site is Ground Zero and it is from it that are measured distances of São Paulo highways, the four states of borders, as well as the number of public roads in the city.

Originally known as ” Largo da Sé “, the site received landscape interventions such as water features, by architect José Eduardo de Assis Lefèvre, in the 1970s On the square is the Metropolitan Cathedral of St Paul, the ancient Church built in 1588.


Sé Square
Address: Praça da Sé, s/nº – Sé – Downtown – São Paulo.

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