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Republica Square

In the foreground, small lake with greenish water. On the side banks, lawned gardens with shrubs and some medium-sized trees. In the center, small concrete bridge with gray iron railings, where some people pass. In the background, garden with many large trees.

Praça da República. Foto: Jose Cordeiro/SPTuris.

The Republic Square is one of the most visited by tourists and residents of the city points. In the nineteenth century, the site was the scene of rodeos and bullfights.

On Sundays it happens to popular Fair from Republic Square , mainly focused on the arts, with over 600 stalls of the most diverse products, including handicrafts , decorative items , sculptures, clothing, toys , jewelry , and typical foods , pasta , snacks and sweets in their food court.


República Square
Address: República, s/n° – República – Downtown – São Paulo.

São Paulo State Education Department
Address: Praça da República, 53 – República – Downtown – São Paulo.
Phone: (11) 3218-2000

Eiffel Building
Address: Praça da República, 177 – República – Downtown – São Paulo.
Phone: (11) 3257-7082

Fair of the República Square
Opening Hours: Every weekend, from 8 a.m to 6 p.m.
Address: República, s/n° – República – Downtown – São Paulo.

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