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Ecotourism Zone of São Paulo

Aerial photo of a large dam. On one of the banks, below and to the right, a closed forest area with some residences inside, one of them right on the water's edge, where there is a small pier. On the other bank, in the background, a large area densely occupied by residences between a few green areas.

Polo Ecoturismo. Foto: Jose Cordeiro/SPTuris

At the southern end of the city, in the region of Parelheiros, there is an extensive area (25% of the municipal territory) which houses unimaginable attractions. Called Ecotourism Zone of Sao Paulo, has two large natural parks and protected areas.

The Capivari-Monos APA is an area of ​​environmental preservation, where you can see native animals and plants, in addition to visiting legitimate indigenous villages. In the APA Bororé-Cologne, you can meet different expressions of faith and observe heritages of african culture with capoeira wheel and sambas.

Check the attractions of the region:

Parque Estadual da Serra do Mar – Núcleo Curucutu | Cratera de Colônia | Cachoeira do Marsilac | Cachoeira do Sagui | Cemitério de Colônia | Igreja de Santa Cruz | Capela de São Sebastião e Cruzeiro do Bororé | Igreja da Colônia | Casa da Barragem e Comporta da EMAE | Mirante da Ponte Alta | Casa do Rosário | Ecoativa e Imargem | Ateliê Dama | Ateliê do Ylê | Templo Quan-inn | Asé Ylê do Hozooane | Solo Sagrado de Guarapiranga | Borboletário | Ninhal das Garças | Orquidário | Pesqueiro Aquarium | Pesqueiro Biriba | Pesqueiro Guarapiranga | Pesqueiro Matsumura | Clube & Park Rincão | Marina S.O.S. Levi

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