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Vila Guilherme Park-Trote

Parque do Trote. Foto: Caio Pimenta/SPTuris

The Trote Park, located in Vila Guilherme, is a space of 187,000 m². It has areas for all ages, such as playgrounds, jogging track, cycle path, sports court and barbecue grills as well as being fully accessible to the handicapped.

The park also meets several copies of our flora, as tipuana, hose, locust tree and Surinam cherry, and offers visitors two tracks, the Sense and Bird. The first is based on the exploitation of nature by touch, smell and sight. The second presents all the species of birds that are in the park.


Vila Guilherme Par-Trote
Rua Nadir Dias de Figueiredo, s/n (Portaria 1) / Rua São Quirino, 905 (Portaria 2) – Vila Guilherme
Phone: (11) 2905-0165

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