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Tiquatira Linear Park

Officially named as Tiquatira Linear Park Eng. Werner Eugênio Zulauf, has 320,000 m² and is the first linear park in the city of São Paulo because it was built on the river Tiquatira in order to assist in the preservation and conservation of stream bed, in addition to ensuring a safe range of landscaping and greening between the stream and urban roads.

Its main attractions include sports courts, soccer fields, jogging trails, walking, cycling and skateboard, living areas and open amphitheater. In service infrastructure, are kiosks covered with tables and benches, toilets and drinking fountains, but there is no food service on site.


Tiquatira Linear Park

Address: Av. Governador Carvalho Pinto − 1.665/1757 − Penha – East Side – São Paulo.
Phone: (11) 2641-2712.

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