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Cândido Portinari State Park

Parque Cândido Portinari. Foto: Jose Cordeiro/SPTuris

Located next to Villa Lobos Park in the west of the capital, the State Park Candido Portinari has about 121 thousand square meters of green area. Its facilities serve as a stage for one of the most important capital of fashion events, the Sao Paulo Fashion Week.

The space offers patrons a cycle of 1,300 m, built the bike path than 3,500 m from Villa Lobos, hiking trail with 940 m, room to skate with 1,600 m², 4 sports courts, two sand volleyball courts, one mini field beach soccer, canine space, two areas for outdoor exercise practice, 30 kiosks and picnic areas.


Candido Portinari State Park
Address: Av. Queiroz Filho, 1365 – Vila Hamburguesa – West Side – São Paulo (near Villa-Lobos CPTM Station).
Phone: (11) 3021-6137.

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