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Immigration Museum of São Paulo State

Museu da Imigração. Foto: Jose Cordeiro/SPTuris.

The Museum of the São Paulo State Immigration is primarily responsible for preserving the memory of the people who arrived in Brazil in the mid- nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and that their work helped build and transform the state capital and the country.

Acting as a meeting point of different immigrant communities, the origins of the current museum date back to 1887, when it was founded the Immigrants Lodge, a place that had the duty to receive and forward to working travelers brought by the government.

Museu da Imigração. Foto: Jose Cordeiro/SPTuris.

One of the main sights of the city, not only the historical value, but also for its centuries-old architecture, the museum has rich attractions such as the wall on which are etched in wood over 14,000 surnames, from different corners of the globe.

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