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Municipal Teaching Memorial

Memorial do Ensino Municipal. Foto: Divulgação.

The Municipal Teaching Memorial opened in 1996 with the aim of preserving the history of education in São Paulo. Private collections share space with files from the Municipal Department of Education.

The permanent exhibition is divided into four types of collections : audiovisual ( with over a thousand titles, including K7 tapes, DVDs and slides) ; photographic ( images that portray the architecture, the events and the daily life of schools) ; three-dimensional (furniture, clothes, books and appliances ) ; and graphic arts (posters and brochures to disseminate actions and projects ).


Municipal Teaching Memorial
Address: Rua Estado de Israel, 509 – Vila Mariana – South Side – São Paulo.
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Phone: (11) 3151-5306 e (11) 3257-4847.


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