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Japan House. Foto: Adriana Omuro

Japan House São Paulo is located in the Paulista Avenue. With the mission to update the perception of the Brazilians about the contemporary Japan, the new cultural center combines art, technology and business, offering to the visitors a perfect translation of Japan of the century 21, without being forgotten of his roots and traditions.

The house has project of the established Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, in partnership with the office from Sao Paulo FGMF Architects, and it will shelter, in 2017, eight exhibitions that will occupy the building of 2.500 m2.

A hub between two countries to promote contacts, knowledge and new business, the place still presents Imi Coffee (with special candies, teas, matcha and coffee), the Furoshiki store (with items of the Japanese traditional art, as the famous handkerchiefs to pack presents) and the SHIN (with products from diferent artists that explore the five senses). Important items that symbolizes and reinforce the contemporary japanese culture and aesthetic.

To complete, a multimedia space with around 1.900 books selected by Yoshitaka Haba, from the company Bach, will be available for consultations, divided in ten categories: Eat, Travel, Life Style, Culture, Design, Technology, Architecture, Japan and Brazil and Children.

Japan House São Paulo
Address: Avenida Paulista, 52
Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday:  From 10 am to 8 pm/ Sundays and holidays: From 10am to 6 pm.
Free entrance
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