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Matarazzo Building

Located in the Viaduto do Chá, downtown São Paulo, the Matarazzo Building is one of the city’s postcards and since 2004 City Hall headquarters

The building was designed by Italian architect Marcello Piacentini and inaugurated at the end of the 1930s has this name because it was owned by businessman Francisco Matarazzo Jr., and housed a family of industries in place, until the 1970s.

The building has 14 floors, and there is a roof garden. In the lobby, the walls are tiled in marble, giving a luxurious look to the site.

Edificio Matarazzo. Foto: José Cordeiro/ SPTuris.

You can visit the interior and the roof garden with guided tours. Click here for more information.

Matarazzo Building

Add.: Viaduto do Chá, 15 – Anhangabaú – Downtown – São Paulo.

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