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Trabalhador Sportive, Recreation and Education Center - CERET

Parque do Trabalhador – Ceret. Foto: Divulgação.

One of the best places to practice sports in the state capital is the Trabalhador Sportive, Recreation and Education Center, better known as CERET. The site has 286,000 square meters and has soccer fields, volleyball courts, basketball, multisport, tennis, rugby field, swimming pools, running track and walking, running track 400 m, exercise rooms, playground, gym multisport and a ” pipódromo ” placeholder especially to fly kites safely.

To better enjoy each space, various activities are carried out in groups by the Club School program, such as gymnastics, capoeira, ballroom dancing, basketball, football, futsal, handball, volleyball, karate, tai -chi -chuan, yoga, rugby, tennis and classes circus.


Trabalhador Sportive, Recreation and Education Center – CERET
Address: Rua Canuto de Abreu, s/n° – Tatuapé – East Side – São Paulo.
Phone: (11) 2671-8788.

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