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House of Sítio da Ressaca

Located in the district of Jabaquara, the House of Sítio da Ressaca Site is a bandeirista construction of the Brazilian colonial period. The house was built probably in 1719, as evidenced by its doors, jambs and some of its tiles.

Side view of a small white house, it has a barred window of navy blue wood in the center. On the outside, several medium and large trees.

Sítio da Ressaca. Foto: Divulgação.

The House of Sítio da Ressaca was named in 1780, possibly by being bathed by the stream Barreiro, better known as Fagundes and hangover. It offers exhibitions and activities related to the memory of african -Brazilian presence in the region, as well as doings and manifestations of popular culture.


House of Hangover’s Site

Address: Rua Nadra Raffoul Mokodsi, 3 – Jabaquara – South Side – São Paulo.
Phone.: (11) 5011-7233.


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