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Casa do Grito

Casa do Grito. Foto: Divulgação.

Casa do Grito. Photo: Advertisement.

Built in wattle and daub and subsequently rennovated, A Casa do Grito is a building turned into heritage in 1975 by Condephaat. Its name is associated with the picture ” Independence or Death ” (1888), popularly known as Ipiranga Cry, artist Pedro Americo, for it presents similar characteristics to the house painted in the right corner and the background of the painting.

Casa do Grito. Foto: Divulgação.

However, the oldest document of the house dates from 1844, 22 years after the proclamation of the Independence of Brazil. In addition, Americo’s frame, currently displayed in the Main Hall of the museums, though plausible, does not report accurately the episode, according to historical records.

Casa do Grito. Foto: Divulgação

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