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Ipiringa Avenue x São João Avenue

The most famous crossway of avenues in Sao Paulo is undoubtedly the corner of Ipiranga and São João. Immortalized in the song “Sampa” by Caetano Veloso, the point was and remains to be one of the busiest in the city.

Historic buildings can be contemplated in the course of the two avenues. Ipiranga, which was previously only one street, brings architectures that are part of postcards and minds of paulistanos. Edifício Itália and Copan adorn the landscape and fill the eyes of all the people who pass through there and Cine Ipiranga also brings the atmosphere of street theaters that once took over several points in downtown.

Now Avenida São João hosts a place that brings together many different tribes – the Rock Gallery. Putting together music lovers of various styles and ages, on the floors of the gallery there is a wide variety of CDs, records, clothes, accessories and of course all you can refer to Rock n ‘Roll that are for sale.

Home to historic buildings like Martinelli, for example, Av. São João also has the Olido Gallery, one of the most important São Paulo cultural spaces with exhibitions, films, theater and several activities for locals and tourists.

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