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Ibirapuera Auditorium

Amidst park’s green area, you can enjoy the sounds of various styles or attend plays with the quality of a show house.

Auditório Ibirapuera. Fotos: Caio Pimenta.

The auditorium’s infrastructure allows the place to offer shows for both the external audience, outdoors, and for the internal audience, inside the auditorium, in a mechanism that allows the opening of the doors, located in the back of the stage, turning the front of stage to the outside of the auditorium. In this mode, the place hosts about 15 thousand people, and the internal audience, up to 800 people.

In addition to the outdoor shows, the place impresses with its architecture, an Oscar Niemeyer project. It was built in a single block, which has a trapezoidal ground, and in section a triangle. The sculptures also give a nice touch to the environment. In the auditorium entrance, what draws attention is a work known as Labareda, similar to a tongue of fire coming out the front door. Behind the audience, there is another sculpture, signed by Tomie Ohtake, in the shape of a huge red wave.

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