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São Paulo Aquarium

Aquário de São Paulo. Foto: Jose Cordeiro/ SPTuris.

São Paulo’s Aquarium is the largest in Latin America and the only thematic aquarium in Brazil. It has been pleasing the most diverse kinds of visitors since opening in 2006. This is due to the exotic and fascinating species that it presents: there are about three thousand animals of approximately 300 different species.

Aquário de São Paulo. Foto: Jose Cordeiro/ SPTuris.

The environment is divided into sectors that reproduce the natural habitat of the animals that it houses, it reproduces Brazilian forests where alligators, lizards, iguanas and snakes are found; the Valley of the Dinosaurs, with replicas and a paleontological museum; the South Pole, with the always beloved penguins; the oceanarium, which emulates a shipwreck and presents amazing species of sharks and rays; and the Mammals Sector, with species of monkeys, toucans, otters, anteaters and the famous Tapajós (Manatee puppies) and Thunder (fur seal).

Since 2009, the site also provides a new and exciting experience: the nocturnal visits. With limited number of participants and signs through the place, the tour presents to the visitor a new perspective of animal life by observing the nocturnal habits of some of them.

Aquário de São Paulo

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