Top 9 Touristic Attractions

Among so many touristic attractions, we prepared a list with the top 9 must-see for those who are in the city.

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São Paulo attractions for the elderly tourists

Age cannot be a restriction to embark on an exciting trip.

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Seven breathtaking panoramic views in São Paulo

The panoramic view from tall buildings, viaducts or green areas is usually amazing and gives you an idea of the size of the megalopolis.

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São Paulo could be named the bread capital.

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Curious facts about São Paulo

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Particularities of the cuisine of São Paulo

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Hamburger Restaurants

In São Paulo there are numerous places where you can taste the sandwich, among them restaurants and fast food chains.

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Outdoor Sports

Sao Paulo is a town with so much to offer in the way of physical activities and sports.

Photo: Marcelo Iha/SPTuris


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13 free places you must visit in São Paulo

Those who think São Paulo is very expensive regarding fun and entertainment must know that several tourist and cultural attractions prove otherwise and have free entrance.

Photo: Jose Cordeiro/ SPTuris


Re-live the memories of wars and revolutions in São Paulo

With the aim of showing that São Paulo was the city where protest and revolutions have changed the social and political scenario in the country, we prepared this special on wars and revolutions in São Paulo.

Photo: Jose Cordeiro/ SPTuris

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